Bible Study at CPC

About the Bible:
Online Bible Study Tuesday mornings at 10 am

The Bible is the backbone of our Christian faith, a chief source of our knowledge of God. But how much do we really know about the Bible itself? Who wrote it? And when? And why? How does it apply to life today?

Our winter/spring Bible study looks at these and other questions. Our primary resource is a book called About the Bible: Short Answers to Big Questions, by Terence Fretheim. We’ll also take a look at passages used in our Sunday services. Contact Pastor Jan if you’re interested in joining this discussion.

The first session will be based on this chapter.

Readings for the second session can be found here!

Additional Links:

These three videos are about The Rev. Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon, Ph.D., who “started a whole new branch of theology” – very few people can say they’ve done that! She was also the first Black woman ordained in the Presbyterian Church.

  • – Katie Cannon, PCUSA video focusing on her theological background and her career at Presbyterian Union Seminary; includes herself and other people speaking about her. About 7 minutes. Very upbeat and positive, very Presbyterian.
  • 2 ½  minute“Imago Dei” means made in the image of God. Katie Cannon speaks about her own coming to an understanding as a young person that she, as a black woman, is made in the image of God. James Cone was the first black theologian of national reputation; he encouraged Katie Cannon and others. Briefly but clearly tells how other perspectives can open new windows into God and faith.

The following blog posts are a fairly quick read, from the Presbyterian blog “NextChurch,” exploring faith for today and tomorrow from voices not often lifted up in our church.