Our History

Community Presbyterian Church (CPC) was formed in 1985. Since 1985, we have journeyed from ministering in a series of temporary buildings to constructing and occupying our own 12,000-square-foot building in 2000. We have completed three successful capital campaigns that has succeeded at paying off our debt, which speaks to the strong financial commitment of the congregation. Our building is used throughout the week through an established, long-term collaboration with Children’s Place Nursery School.  We are a small church with strong programs including social activities for all ages, choir, summer music program, and Presbyterian Women. We support organizations such as Channel One Food Shelf/Bank, Lifegate Services, Gage East Apartments, and the Village Ag Co-op. We have six members serving on Session and six deacons. CPC has gained respect and an identity in the Rochester community. We have a stable membership which is noteworthy in spite of the frequent relocation of families connected to IBM and Mayo Clinic.

Our Members

At CPC, members take initiative to create and sustain programs. We possess a committed involvement to the many committees and programs of the church, as well as within the Rochester community. Many of our members share their professional and non-professional expertise to serve and benefit the church (i.e. computer, carpentry, business, musical & teaching skills). All of this experience makes us well-networked in the greater Rochester community. The congregation’s hospitality nurtures our members and encourages guests to return, partly by providing an extended family community. The members of the congregation have strong giving potential. Most of the church families have one or more adult members who have either a baccalaureate or master’s degree, and a few hold doctorates. The members of this intergenerational congregation are willing to accept delegated tasks and, when faced with obstacles, tackle problems head on. The current building was made possible by the perseverance and commitment of a dedicated congregation. Our church staff provides strong support for the work of the church. Our membership is regularly represented in the Presbytery’s work and mission.

  • Come Join Us

    3705 Fairway Place NW, Rochester, MN

    Onsite and Online Worship 9:30 AM each Sunday

    Worship is held outdoors once a month in the summertime.

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