Presbyterian Women

1634The Presbyterian Women is a very dedicated group that meets monthly for desert and bible study.  We are a very informal group and welcome anyone to join us. Typically, the group will meet on the first Wednesday at 12:30 throughout the “school” year – depending on the month.

The Presbyterian Women offer the annual Thankoffering worship service in November.

In January,  the group has an annual luncheon on a Saturday.  PW lunches at Victoria’s Restaurant downtown.  The offering for this day are items for Families First (formerly the Crisis Nursery).


The PW Bible study group meets September 30, October 14,21, and 28 for the first half of the study.  Rev. Julie Beck will lead the first half of this study.  The study for 2019-2020 is Love Carved in Stone: A Fresh Look at the Ten Commandments by Eugenia Anne Gamble.  The Bible study group will do the second half of the study in the spring of 2020, after Easter.

We appreciate your support over the years whether it be Mother’s Day cards for the Mosquito Net project, the pillowcase project, supplies for Crisis Nursery or Alternative Gift projects. We welcome your presence in these newest endeavors.