Presbyterian Women

1634The Presbyterian Women is a very dedicated group that meets monthly for dessert and bible study.  It is a very informal group and welcome anyone to join us. 

The Presbyterian Women offer the annual Thankoffering worship service in November.

In January,  the group often has an annual luncheon on a Saturday.  

The PW Bible study group is meeting in fall of 2023 for 5 sessions of this year’s PW study, beginning September 19th!  PW will meet every other week at 9:30 am, both in person and virtually. The remaining sessions will be done in the first part of 2024.

We appreciate your support over the years whether it be Mother’s Day cards for the Mosquito Net project, the pillowcase project, supplies for Crisis Nursery or Alternative Gift projects. We welcome your presence in these newest endeavors.

  • Come Join Us

    3705 Fairway Place NW, Rochester, MN

    Onsite and Online Worship 9:30 AM each Sunday

    Worship is held outdoors once a month in the summertime.

    An easy way to make a donation to church is through Paypal. Please click the Paypal graphic below! Please be aware Paypal charges a 2.9% + $.30 to use donate this way.