Update from Session on CPC’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

On Tuesday, March 24th the church leadership received an email from Jeff Japinga and the Presbytery of the Twin Cities. Below is an excerpt of that message:

“Two weeks ago, while acknowledging that the holding of public worship is finally a decision of the Session, we strongly recommended closure on March 22 and 29. Today, we need to say clearly that, based on explicit directives of our public health officials, you should plan for no public worship or public gatherings through the month of April. That includes, of course, Palm Sunday, all of Holy Week, and Easter Sunday. This is terribly difficult for us as the church to say; but right now, it must be said.”

This advice was discussed at length at the March 24th Session meeting. It was described as “terrible but logical”. It is difficult to balance our fervent desire to meet as a church family and worship together with the desire to be caretakers of each other and also of the greater community. So it is with mixed feelings for certain that Session voted to cancel gathered worship in the great room at CPC for the month of April.

We are continuing to explore opportunities, however, to utilize technology to communicate with each other and remotely worship together. So please continue to watch for updates on this. Stay well and continue to care for each other and your loved ones.

CPC Session

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