Adult Education November 10th at 10:45 a.m.

While Writing About Underdogs, Author Rediscovers Faith

Malcolm Gladwell became a bestselling author by writing books about unexpected twists in social science research, not books about religion. But his newest book, released this month, while still in the social science field, also speaks of the power of faith. And while writing the book, Gladwell found himself drawn to the Christian faith in which he’d been raised, but from which he’d departed. He now has re-embraced that faith and identifies himself as a Christian.

Gladwell’s story gives us an opportunity to think about the nature of our own interaction with faith, which may ebb and flow with the passage of time or the vicissitudes of life. Even committed Christians can have times when their faith struggles with uncertainty and belief in God comes down to a decision of the will rather than an assurance of the heart. So faith, as it comes and goes over the long haul, will be the topic of this week’s Adult Education. The PowerPoint for this week can be found here.

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